Aldor Morningway was a retired 7th Legion soldier and currently a commander in the Theramore Guard. He was sent to the Shady Rest Inn to meet with a Tauren ambassador on a diplomatic manner. Before this Tauren ever arrived, Ensligosa sent Shankz and Turion to the inn and tricked them into thinking that Aldor was an enemy Tamer. She herself arrived at the inn and commanded them to kill Aldor. Once she left, Shankz and Turion got Aldor very drunk and took him far away from the inn to try shooting Turion's new bow. As Aldor pulled back an arrow, Shankz and Turion attacked and killed him. They were quickly chased away by a wild basilisk. Eventually, it was revealed that Morningway was a "political rival" of Ensligosa which is why she wanted him gone.