• Liam Donovan, in his home/cheese shop. He was an Order member they were tricked into killing by Ensligosa. Despite having passed out from drinking, Shankz still managed to nearly die when trying to assassinate Donovan.
  • Aldor Morningway, at the Shady Rest Inn. They drank with him, took him outside to shoot a bow, and then killed him and fed him to a basilisk. Again, they were tricked into killing him by Ensligosa.
  • "Horse Thief", a young orc who they caught stealing horses from the Shady Rest Inn stable and killed. They collected a reward for his death.
  • Jerrin McKray, a member of the Order who died charging into the Warden's office with Turion and Shankz which was a trap set by Ensligosa.
  • Milton Fry, a rival of Ensligosa who Jerrin McKray mistakenly killed in the above charging-in event. Turion raised his corpse to shield them from a bomb.
  • Several quillboars while exploring their den. Dispute exists if these count as "people".
  • Three nagas they killed with the Makrura. Turion slit one's throat. Again, disputed.
  • Farrell and Fugues, who along with Fallon went out into the Wyrmbog to hunt dragon whelps.
  • Bellisera, a dragonspawn who worked for Ensligosa. They killed her in a hidden lair in the Wyrmbog with the help of Quinn and Felbrook.
  • Victor "Jips" Jipson, whose life Shankz spared when the Makrura said they would usually kill him for stumbling upon their colony, only to later die while babysitting Lily in a Steamwheedle Port inn.
  • Around a dozen pirates who were taking shelter from an approaching hurricane in a hidden cove on the coast of Dustwallow Marsh.
  • Mick, a man from the trade caravan in the Barrens who robbed and assaulted a member of a nearby Horde caravan. Shankz got out of trouble; Mick spent a night in a Gadgetzan jail where the Horde had knowledge of when and where he would be released.
  • Walteph Lazarus, who went missing just a few days before they arrived at his farm to protect him, a journey in which they did not particularly hurry.
  • A Blood Elf scout who likely killed Walteph. They tried to interrogate him after casting a paralyze spell on him - one which made him physically unable to talk. They thought about throwing him of a cliff for like forty minutes, but instead stabbed him several times before letting Morgan finish him off.

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