Ensligosa (or Ensly as she is known to most) is a Dragonkin who was trying to move up in the ranks of Theramore government. She was warden of the Theramore jail when Shankz came to investigate a Dragonkin. Although he had not discovered her secret yet, Ensligosa grew impatient and decided to kill him, but she changed her mind and decided to use him instead. She erased his memory with magic and used him to kill some political rivals. She then manipulated Shankz and Turion into luring another Tamer, Jerrin McKray, to her remote office where he mistakenly killed another man. Then she trapped them, killed Jerrin, and left Shankz and Turion to take the fall for the murders and explosion.

Ensligosa did not get away with it, however. Her use of powerful magic was detected by others and her true identity became known. She fled to an unknown location.

Powers Edit

Known powers of Ensligosa include:

  • Transforming into a powerful dragon form
  • Magical sealing of doors
  • Freezing others in place
  • Erasing memories