Liam Donovan was a low level agent in the Order of the Dragon Tamers. He was stationed in Mudsprocket to keep surveillance on the Wyrmbog, a part of Dustwallow Marsh that is naturally inhabited by dragon whelps and which a Dragonkin might be drawn to. He ran a cheese shop as a cover and a source of income. Donovan was an alcoholic and a previous buyer of Zazbo's moonshine.

Shankz was given a letter by Ensligosa telling him to kill Donovan. The letter also led him to believe his burn injuries were caused by some kind of flamethrower Donovan owned, which was untrue. Shankz broke into Donovan's shack late in the night intent on killing him. Donovan, despite being highly intoxicated, was alerted by the noise and awoke to fight back. Donovan knocked Shankz unconscious and then passed out from exhaustion/intoxication. Concerned when Shankz did not return, Turion came to investigate and found them both on the ground. He awoke Shankz, who promptly slit Donovan's throat.

The two then looted Donovan's shack and found, among other things, his reconnaissance journal which told them of increasing whelp activity and the location of some goldthorn, a valuable herb.