Lily Lazarus is a girl from Lazarus Farm in Un'Goro Crater with strong magical powers that she is unable to fully control. Turion and Shankz found her in the Tanaris Desert surrounded by both dead Theramore guardsmen and unknown Blood Elves. They were likely killed by a mana explosion triggered by Lily. A letter found among the fallen guards indicated that Lily was being brought directly to Jaina Proudmoore in Theramore. 

Turion and Shankz brought the girl with them back to Steamwheedle Port where they were busy on Order business investigating a shipment of nethershard. While they worked, they left Lily with Victor "Jips" Jipson in a local inn. They returned to find Jips dead and the room destroyed by another mana explosion. Turion and Shankz then wanted to travel to Theramore by sea, but Lily expressed a fear of water that made them think she would explode again. To solve this problem, they soaked an apple, Lily's favorite food, in rum and fed it to her. When she passed out, they took her on the boat and delivered her to Jaina who was very grateful and rewarded them with gold.

About a week later, Turion and Shankz found themselves being stalked by Chance, an ally of Jaina's. Chance explained that there was a leak somewhere in the high ranks of Theramore and so they needed someone trustworthy from outside the government for covert operations. Chance explained that the Blood Elves (and anyone else who was after Lily), might go after her family for leads about where she was taken. He sent them to take Lily's parents to a safe house in Mulgore. Within Chance's instructions was a secret message written magically by Lily asking Turion and Shankz to retrieve her pet sheep Binky from the farm so that she had someone to play with. This secret writing emitted a very strong arcane magical aura.

Turion and Shankz discovered that Lily's mother had died nearly a year earlier and that her father Walteph Lazarus was missing (now presumed dead). All that remained was Lily's cousin Morgan Lazarus who had only arrived after Lily was already gone. Morgan had been told that Lily was sick and had gone "to a special hospital" and to pretend not to know her if anyone came asking. The next night, Blood Elf raiders searched the house and destroyed the entire farm. Only Morgan and Binky survived and were taken to Theramore. They were not allowed to see Lily, but were told that Binky would be taken to her.

The location of Lily is now a very closely guarded secret and much still remains unknown. 

At some point Morgan revealed that Lily was his age (early 20's), whereas Turion and Shankz knew her to be a girl around 5 or 6 years old.