Uncle retired from his real career and started the pie shop in Mudsprocket. Even though it was never turning a profit, Uncle found enjoyment in the hot pies. When Uncle met Zazbo in Ratchet, he offered him a job at the shop and a place to stay. Zazbo has been helping run things ever since.

When Turion and Shankz arrived and took over the Pie Shop, they began testing with different recipes of pies. Historically, Goldthorn is always a winner, but especially with Murloc. Also, Sagefish and Fadeleaf has been known to sell well.

Bad pies have often had Stranglekelp. Also Spider Pies are known to not taste good, but sell well due to their low cost.

The pie shops pie costs include:

  • 20g per month - Oil for the oven
  • 2g per 10 servings - Spider meat from Spider Guy
    • Recent deal was made to change deal from 2g for 10 servings to 6g for 20. The extra 10 will be traded with Makrura for any of the following fish: Blackmouth, Fire Fin, Sagefish and clam meat.
  • 17g - 15 servings worth of pie ingredients from the Grocery
    • 3g - Milk
    • 3g - Flour
    • 3g - Wood
    • 8g - Eggs
  • 35g - 10 servings of Murloc meat and Spices (used in Spicy Sauce) from Specialty Grocer
    • 10 servings of spices for 10g
    • Murloc prices historically are effected by how angry the owner is

The alcohol costs include:

  • 56g per 4 weeks - Kegs of ogre mead from our deal with Razzik (Kegs are delivered weekly)
  • 16g per 4 weeks - Alcohol selling license
    • One thing to note: Alcohol license is good for one year.

Historical Recipes Edit

Over the course of the Pie Shop being open, many pies have been experimented with, with varied success. Some of those pies are:

  • Spider Meat and Spider Sauce
  • Murloc Fin and Spicy Sauce
  • Murloc Fin and Goldthorn
    • Best seller, but Goldthorn is hard to come by.