Shankz is a gnome rogue/mage who woke up in Mudsprocket injured and with no memory. He befriended Turion and Zazbo and started working with them at the pie shop while trying to discover his identity and what happened to him.

Under instructions from the warden who Shankz thought was his rightful boss, he and Turion killed Liam Donovan and Aldor Morningway. They went to Theramore with the warden who they thought was actually an apprentice of the warden. There, they met Shankz' former Tamer boss, Jerrin McKray and figured out what was really going on. The three of them went to confront the warden, but instead fell into her trap. They narrowly escaped death, but Ensligosa used her powerful magic to trap them in place. She killed Jerrin and left Shankz and Turion to take the fall terrorists. However, her use of powerful magic was detected by others and gave her away. She fled and is currently wanted by the Tamers.

A high-ranking Tamer arrived telling Shankz and Turion that their names had been cleared. They were rewarded for exposing Ensligosa and given transit back to Mudsprocket.

Shankz eventually regained memory of his previous investigation and through a recurring dream he unlocked some of his previous power as a Tamer. He can now look at a dragon or dragonkin and know its true name.