Thalanaar is a small but rapidly-growing town in southwestern Feralas. Recently, a new gigantic mill was constructed adjacent to the towns picturesque Verdant Falls. The construction and opening of the mill created many jobs and brought many new visitors and settlers to Thalanaar. The consequences of the mill have also lowered the water flow and level of the river and killed many fish.

Turion, Shankz, and Morgan were sent here on an Order mission to find out who is behind the new mill and what it's purpose is. So far they have heard it is a mining operation and have seen the name Nimbleways around the mill. There is a big grand opening party about to be thrown for employees and locals, but also some elite investors from far away.

In the upscale Outlook Hotel, they helped out an older human lady named Sarah Robinwood who seems to like or at least mind Morgan while largely ignoring Turion and Shankz.

In the busy Verdant Tavern, they met Avalar Urzana who worked at the hotel and restaurant. She tried to help them find a place to stay and ended up letting them sleep in a barn on her family's farm. Her parents complained about the negative effects of the new mill, but Avalar insists that the benefits outweigh the cost. She has a great new job in the mill lined up.