Pen Sketch Night Elf by Wes Talbott
Turion (Toor - eon) is a Night Elf priest in the destruction domain. Turion came to Mudsprocket on his way to Uncle's pie shop to see what his inheritance was. There he met Shankz and Zazbo. Together they run the pie shop and go on epic adventures which Zazbo documents in his Zazbook.

Turion also found out from Uncle that he was adopted. He doesn't have anything from his previous life except for a necklace with a white stone that he has had as long as he can remember.

Through helping Shankz track down his true identity and exposing the warden Ensligosa as a Dragonkin, Turion has started informally working for the Order of Dragon Tamers.

Turion became part of the King's Guard of the local Makrura when he appeared to bravely slay an enemy bog beast with a single touch (though accidental and incredibly lucky). He was given the King's Conch to denote his position of honor, despite being an outsider (often called a 'soft shell').