Walteph Lazarus was/is Lily's father and Morgan's uncle. He is presumed dead after going missing a few days before Blood Elf raiders destroyed his farm. Some of his belonging were found on a Blood Elf scout who disguised himself as a human herbalist and came to the farm's door pretending to be lost. The Blood Elf asked about how to send mail to Theramore and about a hair brush he saw in the bathroom. Walteph denied it belonged to a wife or daughter, saying it was his own even though he was completely bald.

Sometime after his wife died, Walteph made a long journey to Cenarion Hold in Silithus in order to ask for help for Lily. No one there knew enough about arcane magic to help, but someone did pass the information along to Lady Greggor of Theramore who later came to the farm and arranged for Lily to be brought to Theramore. This was only revealed later when Turion and Shankz asked Magister Fayton about Lady Greggor.