Artist's Sketch

Zazbo is a young goblin who works at the pie shop. He currently is the only pie cook despite being admittedly sub-par. He left home to try to find work in Ratchet, but found only menial labor. Uncle came to Ratchet to look for new ingredients and befriended Zazbo. Since then Zazbo has been living in a shack next to the pie shop, buying groceries, making pies, and brewing batches of moonshine that are inconsistent.

After reading an account of Turion and Shankz's quest, Zazbo was inspired to follow his dreams of being a writer of epic tales. He began recounting the story when a batch of moonshine exploded. His shack and manuscript were destroyed and he suffered minor injuries. Afraid of ever losing that much progress again, Zazbo worked with Ojax to develop the Whizzleflux Info-matic Knowledge Interface. He uses it mostly to keep notes and a safely backed-up version of his Zazbook.